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IRL Bratz Doll at your service lol
not much to say waiting to hear about schooling still..been 3weeks now..grr..and I need money fast..if anyone here is a Bam Margera fan and wants to buy my signed limited edition Jackass skateboard for $300..please msg me

Currently taking orders for homemade dollies...$25 and up..depending on what you want/materials/time/shipping...i can have them made/shipped within 2days...i prefer making the doll like the one with pink hair but will make the doll with the lolita dress if requested... no 2 dolls ever look alike even if 2 people order the same style..the features always look a bit different which makes them so unique...email me to discuss

so my bday is in 3 weeks and i really really really really really want this shirt http://tiny.cc/9jbct

if someone wants to buy this for me i'll seriously love you forever!

k thnx!!

Oct. 22nd, 2009

if anyone wants an invite to Lockerz.com msg me with your e-mail...you win points and than you redeem points for prizes....there's videos on youtube with people who actually got prizes..anyways msg me if you want an invite cause it's by invite only

Jun. 10th, 2009

if someone wants to buy me this in L i'll love you forever and ever secure.hatchetgear.com/v3/shop.php

Oh hai some people take mirror pics I take pics of myself on webcam..don't hate!

More random picsCollapse )
Life is fucking beautiful....I scored myself a new pad today AND it's only an 8 minute walk to my bfs house..which is an added bonus...not only that i get access to internet, satellite AND home phone..not that I need a phone...I also scored myself a job that should start next week..so tha'ts pretty mint too..i'll be working in a warehouse packing cd's..i had to go out and buy work shoes/pants/shirt..thankfully my soon to be landlord was nice about it and let me put down $100..wooooo finally everythings comming together...i'd like to thank anyone who's been there telling me things will get better....you were so right!

So I went to the Slipknot concert with my bf on Friday. I had such a good time. My friend came over and did my make-up for me, it looked amazing. Me and the bf decided to be sober for the concert, although I really wanted to drink I refrained. It's funny watching drunk people rock out to metal music. People were lighting up joints too, which made me jealous I really wanted some haha. 3 Inches of Blood and Trivium played as well. They had awesome sets. Before Slipknot came onstage the bf wanted to go outside for a bit, me being in a skirt and a low cut sleeveless top froze cause it was raining out. When we came back in we had to get searched again and I almost got my camera confiscated, but because my lens was only a factory lens I was able to keep it. Yay! Anyways here's a few pics of me, me & bf and a couple of Slipknot.

I should be sleeping but I can't..I've been sick since early Monday morning..feeling nautious, weak, tired and pains in my stomach..and i still feel that way..it really sucks..i hate that pukey feeling..hopefully once i get a few hours of sleep it will go away


That is all